Desperate to get your strength and confidence back in your body post-birth but find it difficult to find the time to exercise? Body Torque Wellness offers 121 Mummy and Baby Personal Training sessions in Woking at their private studio in Send.

Exercising after the birth is not only great for your physical health but also for your mental health too. Having a baby can be overwhelming, especially to the first time Mum, so finding a way to take time out from the routine can be very beneficial. Bringing your little one along to the Mummy and Baby Personal Training sessions allows you to keep a close eye on them, whilst doing something for yourself.

Starting exercise too soon after the birth could hinder your recovery especially if you have had a C-section. It has taken nine months for your body to adapt to the little human growing inside you, so it is going to take time to adjust to the changes that have taken place. This is why you should wait until your 6 week check up with the Doctor or Midwife before you embark on any fitness regime and 10 weeks for a Caesarean.

Remember that exercise you might have sailed through before you were pregnant, can actually damage your joints and ligaments if you attempt them too soon after the birth. High-intensity workouts are not the answer.

Weakening of the pelvic floor is common after childbirth causing a problem called stress incontinence when you jump, cough or sneeze. Not good news, but for most people regular pelvic floor exercises cure the problem. Also weak abdominal muscles may have caused the rectus muscle to separate which is referred to as diastasis recti. This condition sounds more serious than it is but it can be troublesome leading to increased likelihood of backache during and after pregnancy. The condition is quite common and occurs in 66% of women in the third trimester. Gentle specific abdominal exercises are vital in encouraging the muscles to re-align themselves.

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