“I have suffered from muscle spasms in my neck for 13 years and the medical treatment I have received from Doctors has not cured or stopped the problem. About 1½ years ago someone recommended I tried a sports massage on my neck and I began to visit Jacky for the treatment. I have been enormously helped by the massage treatment. It has been effective in giving me more freedom to move my neck, reducing muscle tension and reducing the frequency of the muscles spasms. Jacky is very professional and efficient. She is courteous, kind and understanding and I am very grateful to her for all her help.”

Cathy, Guildford


“I visited Jacky as I had been troubled with Sciatica for a couple of months and it was stopping me from going about my everyday tasks and was really getting me down. I was not sure that massage would help but I was ready to try anything! I could not believe it, but only after one treatment the Sciatica had gone! I so wished I had come to her earlier. I now have regular monthly treatments with Jacky just to keep everything in check.”

Clive, Chertsey


“I am a keen cyclist and have suffered many problems with my knees due to tight leg muscles. I visited Jacky to see if she could help and we decided on a plan of once a week for the first month, dropping down to fortnightly for the second month, then monthly from then on. I can honestly say that although the sports massages are extremely painful, thanks to her very pointed elbows, my knees feel so much better. I have been able to put in more time on the bike which is giving me better times at my race meets. Thank you Jacky and see you soon for some more pain!!!”

John, Guildford


“Jacky came highly recommended. I went to see her with a shoulder problem that I had for over a year and just was not getting better. Not only did she diagnose the problem but the regular sports massage and corrective stretches / exercises she prescribed has greatly improved the problem. I am still having therapy with her and each week it gets better and better. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.”

D S Basingstoke