You ARE what you EAT!


The word diet means…

“A system of food that one habitually eats and drinks”

It does not mean…

“Stop eating chocolate!”

Thousands of people follow the faddy diets or tried quick fixes. They follow the regime, lose weight, then revert to old eating habits and gain the weight back, maybe more and blame the diet. They turn to another diet, hoping this one will work and the cycle starts all over again. The only winner here is the diet industry!

There are a lot of diet books out there, some hard to understand or hard to follow unless you don’t mind weighing food or counting calories. But worst of all are the diets that suggest you avoid particular foods altogether!

The Body Torque Weight Management Plan focuses on achieving good health with a whole food eating regime, one that can be followed for life (not just a few weeks!). The plan can be applied to your own lifestyle, taking into account income, working hours, commitments and social life. If the plan is followed, you should succeed in your goal to lose weight.

Together we will identify the following:

  • Your problem foods
  • Why you eat, what you eat and when you eat it
  • How you feel before, during and after a binge
  • What you can change in your life to avoid these situations
  • Be one step ahead of yourself
  • Lifestyle planning and preparation

If you have struggled with your weight or simply want to lose and keep off a few spare pounds – give Jacky a call on 07958 442 382 or email me on