“Right back to my time in secondary school I was aware that I had a tendency to stoop. Jacky assessed my posture and explained the imbalance in my muscles. She trained me regularly and By the end of the first 8 weeks I was really beginning to feel the benefits. By the end of the 16 weeks when I was re-assessed I was pleased not only to discover great improvements to those aspects of my posture which I was aware were poor, but also improvements to aspects, which I hadn’t appreciated.”

Pauline, Woking


“38 and overweight! Like thousands of thirty-something’s, I’d let things go.

From a flabby, beer bellied 16 stones with a body fat of 28%, after 4 months and with a bit of personal effort and a lot of guidance and encouragement I was a much trimmer 14 stones with a body fat of 25%.”

Andy, London


“I originally decided to seek Jacky’s help to lose weight, become fitter and increase my energy levels. I also wanted to look good and get into shape before I went on holiday and needed motivation and help to achieve the fitness levels I wanted.

Three months later I have lost weight, have more energy and feel healthier in myself. I also look more toned (I think!).

A few years ago, I had heart surgery and I now have to go to the hospital once a year for a check up. Since Jacky has been training me, the hospital has noticed a great improvement in my fitness levels and in my health generally.

Thanks for all your help Jacky!”

Michael, London


“I‘ve worked with Jacky for more than two years and I hope to work with her for a lot longer.

In my early forties, I was succumbing to midlife bulge and could barely run for the bus. Not only is Jacky helping me keep my weight under control, her exercises tone and strengthen my body and raise my general fitness level.

One hour with Jacky is equivalent to at least two in the gym and I come away having had a great time, a little bit achy and feeling set up for the weekend.

Every week is different as Jacky has a range of equipment to push my body to its limits.

Karen, Woking