“I have been attending Jacky’s Pilates classes regularly for the last three years, and can highly recommend them.

When I started I was reassured by a preliminary 1-to-1 session to assess my fitness levels and consider an ongoing back problem. These very professional classes have improved my fitness, flexibility and stamina, and the back problem is well under control. Jacky is meticulous about tailoring the classes to all abilities, and ensuring that everyone works to their own level of comfort.”

Janet, Woking


“We wanted to let you know what a positive effect you’ve had on us!

I first started attending your classes well over a year ago when I was feeling really desperate that regular bouts of sciatica had made it impossible for me to carry on running; something I’ve used to keep fit (and sane!) for over a decade. I had also had to take some time off work with back pain over the preceding months.

I looked at several classes after moving to Woking and found your response to be by far the friendliest. It was also great to find a teacher with a reasonable attitude to sessions per term and very affordable pricing. To then experience what a warm, calm, clear teacher you are was the icing on the cake. I’m always very impressed with how effectively you’re able to give options for each exercise so that everyone has a version that is safe for them, whether they’re new, pregnant or have come to Pilates to help their recovery from an injury.

I went on about how much good the classes were doing me SO often that my husband finally relented and started coming along. From the first day he’s also been hooked and now sees it as an important core strength-building technique that has improved his running, swimming and general strength.

Thank you for all your teaching so far!”

Bryony and Giles, Woking


“I have attended Jacky’s pilates classes for a number of years and have always found her to be helpful and positive. She was excellent at including alternative exercises whilst I was pregnant, which meant I could carry on with the classes two weeks prior to my baby’s arrival! She has also given me specific, discrete help in the class since I returned to class after having my baby.”

Jennie, Woking


“I started going to Jacky’s Pilates classes two years ago after seeing a physiotherapist for back pain who recommended pilates.

My back has improved so much and I have never been fitter in my life (even from before I had the kids!) Jacky’s classes are easy to follow, with different levels of difficulty for each exercise which means you can go at your own pace but still improve as you go along. I started with the easiest and now I do the more advanced exercises. I would definitely recommend Jacky’s pilates classes to anyone.”

Kate, Woking


“I had a hip replacement over 10 years ago, and since then I’ve had hardly any movement in my left leg and could barely lift it. I’d tried Pilates before but having found that I couldn’t do most of the movements, I gave up and got quite upset, so almost gave up until I met Jacky. She is the first instructor I’ve found that insists in starting off with a one to one before you start the classes properly. This gave me a better understanding of the terminology within the classes and also allowed Jacky to assess my main issues.

After only 3 weeks of classes I could lift my leg on its own without having to help it, that and the friendly relaxed atmosphere within the classes make me continue to go despite the fact that I could now do classes at my local gym for free. Thank you Jacky for your continued patience.”

Rachel, Woking


“My Osteopath recommended a Pilates class after I had been diagnosed with degenerative discs in my lumbar spine which had been causing me much discomfort.  I found Jacky’s website which was very informative so I arranged to meet for a 121. Jacky was very welcoming on the first meeting and went through how the exercises should be done and also what ones I should avoid due to my back problem.  She also showed me how to adapt certain exercises if they were causing discomfort.

The classes are small and very friendly and I felt that Jacky was keeping a close eye on me all the time, which was very reassuring. Jacky explained that I should start very gently with only a few repetitions and then build them up as my strength improved. After attending her classes for 3 months my back pain has decreased and I am able to move around a lot more without wincing!  I am hoping in another 3 months I will hardly notice the pain any more!

I highly recommend Jacky’s classes”.

Anna, New Haw