Following on from yesterday’s blog where I discussed in detail the alignment of the knees. The next point to think about is the pelvis, or “neutral spine” as it is known in Pilates. Simply explained, this is the position in which the spinal vertebrae and the pelvis are aligned and maintained with the least amount of stress placed on the discs, ligaments, joints etc. When neutral spine is attained, the natural curves of the spine are aligned so that the line of gravity passes between the ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles when in a standing position.

Today I will discuss pelvic placement in a standing position.

Visualise your pelvis as a bowl of water and tip your pelvis as far forward as you can imagining the water trickling over the front rim. Now tip your pelvis backwards as far as possible and imagine the water tipping out of the back. Gradually make this movement smaller until you come to a position where the bowl (your pelvis) is level, this is “neutral spine”.

Visit my blog tomorrow where I shall explain “neutral spine” in a lying position.