A Personal Trainer will devise the most effective training pattern for you to ensure that you undergo maximum calorie expenditure, but also ensure your underlying results such as muscle toning and body sculpting are achieved.

Monitoring your progress can be achieved by either regular body composition testing for more accurate and specific results, or simply applying a clothes sizing test for others.

Resistance training is the key to not only achieving fat loss, but also functional training benefits, such as improved postural awareness, balance and coordination. Resistance training is known to burn more calories, if carried out at the right intensity, than cardio-vascular exercise. By combining the two, it will ensure the best all-round body conditioning. Heart zone training should also form part of your weekly cardio session make up.

The more lean muscle mass we can obtain within our bodies limits, the more calories our bodies will burn due to an increased metabolic rate.

Adjusting your gym sessions on a regular basis will ensure your body is challenged, which in turn will produce more effective and quicker results for you!

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