Our worlds have got a lot smaller in the last few weeks thanks to Covid-19, and the more we’re confined within four walls, the more we’re going to be looking for new ways to expend some energy, and keep healthy, active and sane. Which means online workouts are our only lifeline for some.

Our mental and physical health can be affected whilst we are in lockdown. Some people who can’t leave the house feel isolated especially if they are on their own. On-line Pilates is a fantastic way to keep mobile, toned and energised and interact with other people too. Its a good way to stick to social distancing rules, and it’s more of a physical workout than many realise:

Body Torque Wellness is running mixed ability virtual Zoom Pilates every Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Please contact info@body-torque.com for more information.

and visit https://zoom.us/signup to get started.