Hi, my name is Jacky Fenton and I run Body Torque Pilates in Woking in Surrey.  Today I would like to explain why Pilates is so important for correcting and maintaining good posture.

Firstly, posture means the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down.  Good posture involves training the mind and body to stand, sit, lie and perform everyday tasks such as walking with the least amount of stress and strain placed on the supporting structures.  Poor posture is where bones are misaligned and muscles, joints and ligaments take more stress than they should.  Poor posture can result in backache, headaches and even injury where undue stress is placed on a muscle.

Which posture do you think you have, good or bad? I think the most common answer to that would be poor!

This is where the Pilates method can help as it uses the latest research in bio-mechanics and with specific exercises and education on correct sittting and standing it can re-train a person’s body and mind by focusing on breathing, co-ordination and stabilization of the shoulders and pelvic girdle.  Pilates enables you to think about how to use your body properly in everyday movements which will provide an improvement in your posture.

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