Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or laying down. Good posture involves training the mind and body to stand, sit, lie and perform everyday life activities such as walking, bending down and exercising in positions where the least amount of strain and stress is placed on the supporting structures, muscles and ligaments.

Poor posture is the main cause of back problems and most of the population will suffer with a back complaint sometime in their lives. Most postural problems can be blamed on our lifestyles for example:

  • Sitting badly in chairs
  • Working hunched over a computer
  • Driving for long periods
  • Standing or sitting for too long
  • Carrying heavy bags on the shoulders

These factors all put strain on the body and cause our bodies to become “out of balance”.

Let me explain in a little more detail. I want you to imagine your muscles have two roles; a stabilising role which means they hold bones in place, and a mobilising role which means they create large movements. Some muscles work as the stabilisers and some as the mobilisers so if a stabilising muscle is not working properly due to poor posture i.e. the Gluteals which hold the pelvis in place, a mobiliser will take on the role i.e. the Hamstrings. This will mean that muscle will become short and tight and will change the angle of your pelvis which can lead to back problems! No amount of stretching will alter their role unless you strengthen the gluteals to enable the hamstrings to let go! When the stabilisers and the mobilisers work together in unison the body is balanced.

By correcting postural deviations you can experience:

  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Reduced stress on all the body’s joints
  • Easier breathing in daily life & sport activities
  • Relaxed shoulders that are no longer wrapped around the ears
  • Enhanced recreational & sporting performance
  • Reduced injury risk

Joining a Pilates Class or having one-to-one sessions can help re-address the body. It’s education on correct posture and strengthens the stabilising muscles; with particular emphasis on the core muscles; which form a “girdle of strength” around your middle. Holding your body in correct alignment will ensure minimal wear and tear on your joints!

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