We all overindulge at Christmas too much food and drink and sitting still! The average person puts on 7lbs over Christmas. Have you weighed yourself?

Now’s the time to throw out the party food, get rid of the chocolates, stop drinking alcohol and fizzy drinks and start thinking about getting yourself in shape and loosing that Christmas weight and more!

Have you thought about enrolling a Personal Trainer to help you?

A lot of people have good intentions in the New Year to “get fit and loose weight” so they join a gym. They go probably three times a week for the first two weeks, then it reduces down to twice, then once till eventually after about month and half they give up as boredom sets in and they do not see results. The reason they don’t see results is that they are either not working hard enough or doing the wrong exercise. Also most people don’t consider their diet, this also needs to change to loose the weight.  So if you are one of these people who sit on the bike watching the tv or reading a book then you won’t achieve results and will get bored.

This is where a Personal Trainer comes in. They will ensure you are working to your correct heart rate zones to burn fat. They will advise on nutrition and keep track of your daily eating habits. They introduce new equipment to your session like boxing or kettle bells, which is fun and exhilarating. They ensure you have a balanced program and can become your personal advisor.

So if you want to loose weight, achieve that toned body you have always wanted, then enrol a Personal Trainer.

So if you want to lose weight, don’t go it alone contact me on 07958 442382 or visit my Personal Training pages.