With the core activation comes the pelvic floor and ladies, we know the importance of this muscle don’t we! But gents, did you know that you too have a pelvic floor?

The most important function of the pelvic floor muscle is to work with the core muscle and the muscle that runs down the spine to stabilise the spine by maintaining intra-abdominal pressure during exertion such as straining, lifting, coughing and sneezing.

This is how you activate your pelvic floor:


  • Standing or lying, imagine your pelvic floor is like a lift in a building.
  • Pull up both your front and back passages as hard as you can, this is the lift at the tenth floor.
  • Let it all go again, the lift is back down at the bottom.
  • Pull up again to the tenth floor, then release to the fifth floor, then two more floors to the third floor.
  • You should now feel a gentle squeeze on your back passage but your bottom cheeks are relaxed and your front passage should just feel gently lifted.
  • You have now engaged your pelvic floor.

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