Have you ever noticed some people walking with their shoulders bent in forward position? Have you ever encountered a thin person, whose potbelly is bulging out for no reason? Did you ever face back pain after hours of working? Well, all of these situations are result of bad or poor posture. Posture means the way you stand, sit or carry yourself while walking. Maintaining a good posture is really important for the proper alignment of your body. Sustaining a good body posture is necessary to have a healthy mind and body. Otherwise, it may gradually increase several common problems, like headaches, neck pain, backaches, joint pain and stress with other severe health issues.

If you have bad posture your muscles will be stiff which decrease the flexibility of your body.  It could also induce severe neck or back ache which will lead to a fatigued body.

Our spines have four natural curves. Due to this curvature, it has the ability to absorb shocks and retain proper balance. Poor posture throws our body of our correct alignment which in turn puts stress on all our joints thus causing aches and pains!

So if you are suffering with pains or you know your posture is bad then make sure you sign up for a Pilates class today and not only will you see the difference but you will feel it too…..

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