Purpose:  Strength – Core , obliques and upper body



Exercise Description

  1. Lie on your side and straighten the bottom leg but keep a slight bend in the knee, bring your top leg over and place the sole of your foot on the ground in front of the ankle of the bottom leg so there is a gap between the knees
  2. Rest on your elbow
  3. Elbow should be directly under shoulder
  4. Have your top arm resting on body
  5. Make sure you have a straight line from your hip to your armpit and that you have not dropped into your ribs
  6. Maintain the natural curve of your spine
  7. Engage core
  8. Inhale to prepare
  9. Exhale and lift hips from the mat at the same time bring the upper arm up and over your head pushing into your legs to straighten them
  10. Inhale and lower hip towards the floor.
  11. Repeat movement

Watch- Out Points

  1. Make sure ribs do not sink
  2. Avoid rounding forwards
  3. Work with your breath
  4. Don’t slide legs out to straighten them, instead push your body away from your feet
  5. Ensure gap remains between knees when you return
  6. Maintain neutral through lumbar spine and neck
  7. Make sure you do not drop into the shoulder and keep elbow under shoulder


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