Purpose:  Mobility & Strength – Upper and Lower Back

Exercise Description

  1. Lying on your front with arms outstretched in front as far as you can reach and legs lengthened
  2. Concentrate on the shoulder blades and pull them down towards your heels and in towards your spine
  3. Spine in neutral
  4. Core stability muscles engaged
  5. Inhale to prepare
  6. Exhale and lengthen through body lifting upper and lower body slightly off floor
  7. Inhale, exhale and then lift opposite arm and leg a little higher keeping pelvis stable lower them back and repeat the other side
  8. Repeat x 4 kicks then lower whole body then lift again and repeat x 8 in total

Watch Out Point

  1. Do not pull arms forward as you lift
  2. Lengthen through spine and legs
  3. Core stability muscles engaged
  4. Make sure there is no increase in tension in lumbar spine
  5. Keep pelvis stable
  6. Do not lift opposite hip off floor or roll body


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