There is a misconception that Pilates is only for Women.  I often hear “isn’t it a bit girlie” or “it’s like Yoga isn’t” it?  How wrong could they be?

Here are 5 reasons whey Men should do Pilates….

BALANCE: Unfortunately, our balance starts declining at the age of 30! If your core is not strong and your body lacks flexibility, then you can throw balance out the window too; that’s exactly where it comes from: our CORE & FEET. Pilates elongates & strengthens muscle from head to toe, making your muscles balanced from one side of the body to the other.

FLEXIBILITY! Men by nature, are not the most flexible from the waist down. They tend to struggle daily with overly tightened hamstrings, hip flexors, and abductors. A lot of this comes from having weaker glutes. Pilates helps to  loosen and strengthen these areas, so men can perform other activities to the best of their ability without fear of injury. 

FORM: Traditionally, we tend to speed up movements if there isn’t a high emphasis on form. Pilates forces you slow down the movements, which in turn become more demanding on your muscles. If you are speeding through the movement you doing something incorrectly!

POSTURE: Pilates gets you to think about your posture, not only inside the gym/studio but also outside. In a very short time, clients start becoming aware of their posture and due to more upper body strength, men often will have internally rotated shoulders. I encourage my clients to, “make sure your shoulders are back and chest open.”

ABS: All guys want a six pack and are genetically more likely to achieve one than ladies. More and more sports teams are turning to Pilates because of its “core”/abdominal benefits. Every movement should derive from what Mr. Pilates called our “Powerhouse.” Whether you’re lifting heavy boxes, reaching for a glass on the top shelf, or throwing a football. A strong core can help propel ANY movement better without strain on the body!


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