Summers Coming, Do you like what you see? …….. No! Then we can change that!


I won’t lie, a great body doesn’t come easy so first a reality check; doing a set of one hundred crunches or more won’t melt away the fat covering your abs. You need to be committed and work hard if you want that sculptured look and that doesn’t mean sitting on the bike watching the telly without breaking into a sweat! Sound familiar?

A combination of cardio, weight training and correct nutrition is the best way to achieve great results, but that can prove daunting to many, not knowing where to start. This is how you can reap the benefits of Personal Training. My knowledge of up-to-date training techniques and nutritional advice will get you those results by offering the guidance and motivation you need to train correctly. An hour of one-to-one training totally dedicated to you! What more could you ask?

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