Lateral Thoracic breathing is the last point to the set up procedure and is a very important part of Pilates.

We do it every day and take it for granted.

Breathing helps us to focus the mind, release tension and helps maintain the contraction of the Tranversus Abdominus. Breathing should be in through the nose and out through the mouth and into the rib cage not the abdominal cavity.

Pilates Breathing Technique:


  • Place both hands on your ribs, with the heels of your hands at the side of the rib cage and your middle fingers meeting in the middle.
  • Breathe in and focus the breathing into the rib cage and feel the sides of the rib cage expand and your fingertips come apart.
  • Breathe out and feel the rib cage move back towards the middle, bringing your fingertips back together. Avoid lifting the shoulders and creating tension in the neck and shoulders.
  • Now you have all the set up points to practise but remember this alignment is not just for practising Pilates it should be something you adopt everyday!

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