Purpose:  Strength of Core and Rectus Abdominus


Exercise Description


  1. Sit on mat with knees bent, feet in line with sit bones as close to neutral spine as possible
  2. Shoulders stabilised
  3. Bring arms across chest
  4. Inhale to prepare, exhale  and complete a pelvic tilt and lean back using core muscles to stabilise as far as possible without lifting the heels off the floor
  5. When you have gone as far as you can, inhale at the bottom and exhale and come back up returning to a straight position
  6. Repeat x 10


Watch Out Points


  1. Keep eyes looking forward
  2. Do not loose core contraction
  3. Try to achieve a C shape with your spine
  4. Keep shoulders down and relaxed
  5. Don’t let upper back round
  6. Keep heels on the floor


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