Purpose:  Mobility Mid Back

Exercise Description

  1. Sit tall on your sit bones as close to neutral as possible (use block to achieve better position if necessary)
  2. Core muscles engaged
  3. Rib breathing
  4. Legs crossed or knees bent
  5. Fingers and thumbs jointed together and spread.  Index finger under chin and thumb on sternum
  6. Inhale to prepare
  7. Exhale as you rotate around to side
  8. Inhale as you return back to centre
  9. Exhale and rotate to opposite direction


Watch Out Points

  1. Keep shoulders down and relaxed and level
  2. Keep sit bones on floor throughout movement
  3. Do not let head go further than shoulders or upper back
  4. Avoid sinking as you move to the side
  5. Avoid lifting shoulders as you breath in
  6. Keep legs still


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