Christmas is over, time to get back on track with our food and exercise.  Lets re-connect with our tummies and ensure we breathe correctly whilst executing Pilates!  We really can improve our stomach tone if we just remember to breathe!  Have a read of this article from Karlie Andrews and take some time out to practice, it will really help!


Ever wondered why the 100 crunches you do in the gym every day aren’t giving you the six pack you want? By simply changing the way you breathe can transform your belly.

Pilates is about deep core activation. She said: “I remember doing 100 curls a day trying to build an aesthetically pleasing abdomen but now understand focusing on the smaller muscles can make such a difference to balance, stability, and getting the most out of your core workouts.

“Recruiting the deep core muscles correctly is essential for all movement patterns in life. Without engaging these muscles we are less stable and more susceptible to injury.

“I do it to ensure I maintain proper technique during my Pilates abdominal workouts.”

Her technique is pretty easy to achieve, too.

“Breathe in and relax the tummy,” she said. “Breathe out and draw your belly button to your spine, melt your ribs in and lift up your pelvic floor like you’re trying to stop yourself going to the bathroom.

“Try this for one minute on, one minute off for 3 minutes before your next workout. You can watch yourself in the mirror to ensure you stay still and can see the belly drawing in.”

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