Purpose:  Mobility of spine and shoulders and stretching of the chest and rib area

Exercise Description

  1. Lying in the set up position with your feet fairly close to your bottom
  2. Inhale and curl out of neutral with a pelvic tilt and peel bottom and lower back off the floor
  3. Exhale and peel the spine off the floor until you create a bridge from your knees to your shoulders
  4. Inhale at the top, exhale and bring both arms up and over your head
  5. Inhale, exhale and roll the spine back down onto the floor leaving the arms where they are, but lifting them a little if you feel your ribs are flaring
  6. Roll back down to neutral spine then bring your arms back over and down to starting position
  7. Repeat x 6

Watch Out Points

  1. Keep knees parallel and hip distance apart (put cushion between knees to stop feet rolling out if required)
  2. Keep tension out of the upper body
  3. Avoid hyper extending spine at top of movement
  4. Do not go up onto the Cervical Spine
  5. Keep shoulder blades stabilised when you move arms
  6. Do not squeeze glutes
  7. Make sure knees are almost over the top of the ankles
  8. Keep breathing into rib area
  9. Make sure you return to neutral before you begin your journey again.

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