Purpose – Strength Core and Lumber Spine



Set up Position


  1. Start sitting with knees bent and feet flat on the floor
  2. Back of neck lengthened
  3. Shoulder blades should be squeezed together and drawn down towards your feet
  4. Spine in neutral
  5. Core stability muscles and pelvic floor engaged (30%)

Exercise Description


  1. Inhale to prepare and tuck under your pelvis creating a “C” shape with the base of your spine
  2. Exhale and roll back to a position you know you can hold without using your arms for support
  3. Lift both feet off the floor and balance on your tail bone
  4. Look more up towards the ceiling than at your knees to avoid your shoulders rounding
  5. Inhale, Exhale and extend leg away from you as far as you can without loosing balance, return the leg and repeat on the other leg
  6. Repeat x 16

Watch Out Points


  1. Avoid moving body backwards
  2. Keep tension out of neck and look at the ceiling not towards your knee
  3. Avoid cycling the legs, wait for one leg to return before moving the other
  4. Keep core and pelvic floor engaged

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