Purpose:  Aid re-alignment of hip rotators, which can help in sciatic nerve problems


Exercise Description

  1. Lie on side, hips stacked
  2. Support the head with a pillow
  3. Bring the knees into the chest, so your heels are in line with your bottom, keeping the soles of the feet stacked and facing back
  4. Keeping the hips stacked, inhale to prepare
  5. Exhale, lift both legs off the floor and open the top leg, feeling contraction in the gluteal area
  6. Inhale and lower top leg but keep both legs off the floor
  7. Exhale and open top leg again
  8. Perform 16 reps, then lower both legs
  9. Repeat other side
  10. Keep the hips stacked throughout


Watch Out Points

  1. Do not let feet come apart
  2. Keep stability in pelvis, do not allow hips or knees to roll back
  3. Keep core engaged and shoulders stabilised

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