Purpose:  To articulate through the spine and strengthen the abdominals

Exercise Description

  1. Lie on your back with legs extended and arms extended over the head
  2. Inhale and lift the arms off the floor
  3. When arms come level with the shoulders, exhale and lengthen through the back of the neck, lifting the head off the floor
  4. Continue exhaling keeping the core engaged, curl the body off the floor, articulating through the spine
  5. Reach the arms up towards the ceiling and then forward over the legs whilst keeping the arms parallel to the floor
  6. Inhale and initiate the roll back down with a posterior tilt of the pelvis
  7. Keeping shoulders stabilised, exhale and lower the rest of the spine under control slowly back down to the start position
  8. Repeat x 5 – 8 times

Watch Out Points

  1. Don’t let the abdominals dome
  2. Keep the C shape in your spine
  3. Keep the tension out of shoulders and neck
  4. Avoid rounding shoulders
  5. Keep a smooth flow throughout the exercise, using segmental control

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